When Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” he could not have coined a better phrase for conveying the value of quality early care and learning. 

The quality of the learning environment and the care the child is given early in life weigh heavily in the child’s eventual academic and life success.

Children who are exposed to a culture of learning at an early age have a far greater chance of success in life and less need for expensive and less effective intervention(s) later in life.

Almost every child has a parent that wants him or her to succeed, but not every parent knows how to teach their child the skills they need to be successful.  We must make sure that every child is taught the skill set needed to be successful in life.

Athens has one of the best early learning programs in the country, but it only serves a fraction of those who need it.  The long term costs to our community of not meeting these children’s needs is staggering.

Whatever It Takes is working to create an Early Learning Network that pulls together parents, caregivers, and informal and formal early learning programs in the neighborhood. This network has two goals: 1) ensure that every parent in the neighborhood knows the skills to help their child be ready for school and 2) raise the quality of care of all providers in the neighborhood.

Please see the Athens Community Plan for Children for more information on the Early Learning solutions.